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who we are

We're M&A enthusiasts, dedicated to maximising your M&A value and supporting you at every step of the way. We do so by living and breathing our five make principles.

our make principles

  • customer-focussed. You are our priority. We represent you and we are your trusted partner whilst dealing with buyers, sellers and other involved parties. 

  • one team. We team up with you and collaborate in a seamless way.  

  • highest quality. Our team consists of experienced M&A professionals with background in M&A Consulting.

  • reasonable costs. We totally get it - those big consultancies can charge an arm and a leg for their services. Here at make! we're not about that life. We believe that M&A services should be accessible to everyone, which is why we offer reasonable rates and a flexible engagement model.

  • employee-centric. Employee-centricity to us is not just a buzz word. It is our way of running a business. We believe that our people are our biggest asset and we know they are key to success. This is why we appreciate them. Every day. 

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